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Glow Wild

Willow Tunnels installed for Wakehurst Botanic Garden Glow Wild Event 2019

Our installation at Wakehurst’s Botanic Gardens formed part of their 2019 ‘Glow Wild’ nature walk. The lighting part of the installation was created to highlight three wicker tunnels designed by the wicker artist Tom Hare.

Guests of the event walked throughout the gardens enjoying an array of beautiful lighting installations which included our tunnels.

After being given some time to play with the tunnels in a studio Mig Burgess designed her lighting around creating a composition of light and dark using the natural shapes of the wicker threads to create intricate shadows inside each one. She used intelligent lighting to allow movement across the surface of the structures which in turn created a fluid like setting inside. Her aim was to bring the tunnels to life using the kinetic power of lighting.

A thank you to Guildford School of Acting for the use of their Ivy Arts Centre and their stock of lighting and access equipment, also to SGM for allowing us to experiment with ideas using there IP rated outdoor moving lights.