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UK Technical Backstage Entertainment Industry : Mental Health Evaluation

In collaboration with PLASA, PSA, ALD, ASD and ABTT, Fuse Arts were enable to conduct new vital research into the mental health of the larger backstage entertainment industry. This evaluation took place at the 2019 PLASA trade show along side the Blackout project. We recieved 1302 responses to our mental health survey.

This data was compiled into a report by Dr. Paul Hanna at the University of Surrey.

Key Findings

  • 58.7% of sample stated they currently, or have previously had, a mental health problem
  • Mental health disproportionately affects females (71.1%) more than men (54.2%)
  • Individuals under the age of 45 reported proportionately more mental health problems
  • Working conditions in the industry were seen to contribute to mental health problems
  • The entertainment industry has high rates of mental health stigma
  • There is little awareness of industry specific support
  • Access to support is vital for helping industry professionals cope with mental health difficulties

With the average mental health prevelance in the UK being 1 in 4, and the industry at 1 in 2 we are proud to have been able to conduct this important work. Mental health is a endemic issue in the backstage industry, and we hope to bring to light the scale of the problem and support new and exciting work in this space.

Further research is needed to establish why there is a gender disparity in experiences of mental health in industry. Further evaluations of substance misuse and addiction need to be completed as well.